"Specialized" Chemicals and Materials

Our professional chemical series includes general oil reagents, surfactants, assay reagents, dyes, and lubricants. They are essential to the successful establishment of microfluidic systems. This specific product series facilitates a wide range of applications, including separation chemistry, drug encapsulation, single-cell encapsulation, biochemical analysis in droplets, and high-throughput experiments.

Some interesting materials that can be used for microfluidics, especially a series of different polymers, are either not commercially available as plate materials, or the quality is insufficient to meet the special requirements of micromachining. If you need common substrate materials, such as unstructured platforms for hot stamping experiments or as surface chemistry experiments, we can provide you with standard format substrates, such as microscope slides, microtiter plates, or round substrates. A wafer, for example, used as a substrate for thermal embossing, has multiple units in a package. If surface quality is important, each wafer is individually packaged. Depending on the material, the size of the substrate may vary within 0.5%. If the material or color you need is not listed, we are happy to provide you with a special quotation for the substrate according to your material needs.

Our products and services are for research use only.

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