Alfa Chemistry Microfluidics provides microfluidic-based products and services that can be used
in a variety of applications, including drug encapsulation, single cell and organoid synthesis. Throughout 2021, our R&D team will continue to focus on developing new, first-class fluid products to meet your needs.

Read About What Is Microfluidics

Read About What Is Microfluidics

Microfluidics is regarded as an important tool for life science research, or as a larger means of biotechnology. From here you will have access to all information about the definition, advantages, and technology of microfluidics.

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Find Out About Microfluidics Conference

Read About What Is Microfluidics

We provide you with a comprehensive list of microflow-related conferences prepared every year so that you can learn more about the field.

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Alfa Chemistry Microfluidics

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Customized microfluidic solutions to help customers'
product innovation and upgrade

Design and Development

Years of experience have enabled Alfa Chemistry to acquire a wealth of knowledge, which has proven to be essential for the development of microfluidic products in various applications. Our goal is to work with customers from concept to prototype to production. We make sure that you will get something valuable from us.

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who are we

Who Are We?

Alfa Chemistry is a global leader in the field of microfluidics, offering a three-fold advantage to customers by bringing optofluidic paths to life with strategic partnerships, rich product types and breakthrough solutions.

We use this knowledge to shape the future of microfluidic technology and continue to open up boundaries to find new and better ways to solve scientific problems.