Spin Coater

Spin coaters are widely used instruments for depositing uniform films on flat substrates. In microfluidics, spin coaters can be used to apply photoresist layers (such as SU-8) or to bond individual substrates utilizing the adhesive properties of PDMS. In addition, they are used to fabricate polymer films, such as PDMS films, and are suitable for fabricating microchannels with circular cross sections.

Alfa Chemistry offers spin coaters for precise, uniform deposition of thin films and coatings. Their rugged, vibration-free and portable design makes them versatile tools for your research facility. The two-stage spinning process allows for low-speed dispensing and high-speed homogenization of coatings.

Standard Features

  • Speed range and time:
    Stage 1: 50-10000 rpm, 0-999 seconds;
    Stage 2: 50-10000 rpm, 0-999 seconds
  • Power: 110-240 V, 40 W
  • Speed stability: ±1%
  • Coating uniformity: ±2%
  • Work environment: temperature 0°C- 40°C, relative humidity < 80%
  • Suitable for 5-100 mm diameter silicon wafers and other materials.

Spin Coater


The spin coaters provided by Alfa Chemistry have the following key advantages:

  • They start up fast, have stable speeds, and can form horizontal, uniform films and coatings.
  • By setting the rotational speed and acceleration, they can precisely control specific film thicknesses.

Application Areas

The spin coaters offered by Alfa Chemistry can mainly be used in the following areas:

Flexible electronics
Thin polymer films
Microfluidic devices
Biological coatings

Application Areas

Alfa Chemistry is the ideal partner when it comes to integrating instruments or complex microfluidic systems into your solution. We offer a wide range of microfluidic instruments that can be used in many different fields such as biology, chemistry, drug delivery, cosmetics and food. Our team of experienced engineers are able to utilize our instruments to achieve an efficient, precise and cost-effective setup for your microfluidic applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements.

Our products and services are for research use only.

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