Droplet Generator Chips

Droplet Generator Chips

Microfluidic droplet generator chips are great tools for generating highly monodisperse micro-sized droplets. Compared to traditional processes, they offer greater precision and repeatability, and can produce droplets of virtually any size by adjusting the relative viscosity, surface tension, and velocity between the dispersed and continuous phases.

Focused flow is one of the most commonly used methods for microdroplet generation. It allows for the rapid generation of stable droplets with uniform droplet size. Alfa chemistry offers a range of droplet generator chips that generate microdroplets by focused flow. All of these chips can be hydrophobically modified to generate water in oil droplets or hydrophilically treated to generate oil in water droplets.


Chip materialGlassGlassGlassGlass
Chip dimensions (L×W×H)30×7.5×3 mm30×7.5×3 mm30×7.5×3 mm30×7.5×3 mm
Channel depth38 μm38 μm80 μm80 μm
Nozzle width80 μm80 μm250 μm250 μm
Surface hydrophilic natureHydrophilicHydrophobicHydrophilicHydrophobic
Droplet typeO/WW/OO/WW/O
Droplet size40-80 μm50-120 μm100-180 μm160-240 μm


Our droplet generator chips harness the power of microfluidics for efficient and controlled droplet generation. This cutting-edge technology allows researchers to manipulate and control small amounts of fluid, bringing numerous advantages:


  • Improved efficiency: Our microfluidic design minimizes dead volume and reduces the amount of sample and reagents required, resulting in cost savings and improved experimental efficiency.
  • Precise control: Our droplet generator chips provide precise control over droplet size and generation frequency, allowing researchers to tailor experiments to specific requirements and obtain optimal results.
  • High throughput: Our chips generate droplets at high frequencies, facilitating high-throughput screening and analysis, significantly reducing experiment time and accelerating research progress.

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