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In the markets of pharmacology, biological research, medical diagnosis, and cosmetics, the demand for high-precision products and services is growing rapidly. Microfluidics is a key technology for miniaturization and automation used in the development of these markets.

With its team of world-class experts and innovative technology, Alfa Chemistry has obtained international certification and is developing very rapidly in the industry.

We are looking for talented qualified people who share core values and can contribute to our success.

Equal Opportunity and Benefits

Equal Opportunity and Benefits

As an equal opportunity employer, we seek employees with a wide range of experience, abilities and cultural backgrounds. We believe that everyone can make a unique contribution and are committed to matching the right experience with the right opportunity in our global business.

We support our employees to achieve professional growth while pursuing personal goals. The benefits we provide-from employee assistance, tuition refunds, vacations and vacation policies-support our concepts.

A Wide Range of Job Opportunities

We provide a wide range of career development opportunities for experts, young professionals, graduates,
and students. Here, you can view our positions and contact us online.