Droplet Generation Oil

Droplet Generation Oil

The applications of droplets are far-reaching and are not limited to drug discovery and diagnostics, but also involve areas such as food and cosmetic production, as well as industrial applications such as paints. Microfluidic droplet generation offers significant cost savings compared to more traditional production techniques, and it is an exciting area that is constantly evolving. When preparing droplets, it is critical to ensure that the droplets are generated stably and do not fuse.

Alfa Chemistry offers droplet generation oils designed for the stable and efficient production of water-in-oil droplets. They can be widely used in digital PCR, cell culture, single cell encapsulation, single cell analysis, and molecular biology assays.


MF-R012% surfactant in HFE 7500, 10 mL
MF-R022% surfactant in HFE 7500, 50 mL
MF-R035% surfactant in HFE 7500, 10 mL
MF-R045% surfactant in HFE 7500, 50 mL


The droplet generation oil provided by Alfa Chemistry has the following key advantages:

  • The base oil is HFE 7500, which has good biocompatibility.
  • They can be used to stabilize the generation of microdroplets with a particle size of 20 μm-110 μm.
  • The generated microdroplets are thermally stable, with no significant fusion of the microdroplets after half an hour of treatment at 94 °C.
  • The main surfactant component is PFPE-PEG, which is known to provide high droplet stability.
  • Each batch follows a rigorous quality control analysis to ensure consistency by verifying structure and microfluidic properties.


The droplet generation oil provided by Alfa Chemistry has the following main applications:


  • Digital droplet PCR: They can be used for ultrasensitive nucleic acid quantification methods based on statistical analysis of a large number of segregated PCR reactions within droplets.
  • Single-cell analysis: They can be used to process and analyze isolated cells in monodisperse droplet populations in a controlled environment.
  • Screening: They can be used for controlled manipulation, analysis and sorting of cells, genes or biomolecules at high throughput within microdroplets.
  • Synthetic biology: They can be used to model metabolic reactions using microdroplets as cell-sized compartments.
  • Controlled chemical and biological reactions: They can be used to enhance the control of reactions encapsulated within droplets.

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