Electrophoresis Chip Customization and Processing

Electrophoresis chip is a micro-analysis device that uses micro-machining technology to etch microchannel network and other functional units on the chip to form an integrated system of sample injection, reaction, separation, and detection. As an important part of micro total analysis system, electrophoresis chip has the advantages of fast, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. It is widely used in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA fast detection), ribonucleic acid (RNA), protein analysis, pathogen diagnosis, food detection, and other fields.

Electrophoresis Chip Customization and Processing

Common Materials

Commonly used microfluidic electrophoresis chips are made of silicon, glass, quartz, and organic polymers, such as polydimethylsiloxane, polymethyl methacrylate, polycarbonate, and so on. For different materials, microchip fabrication covers many aspects, such as lithography, etching, mold forming, hot pressing, injection molding, sealing, and surface modification.

Preparation of PDMS Microfluidic Electrophoresis Chip

Throw a layer of SU-8 negative glue with appropriate thickness on the glass slide, then make the mold of the microfluidic channel with the help of lithography technology, pour polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) on the mold, and obtain the microfluidic channel after demoulding. Finally, the PDMS microfluidic electrophoresis chip is made by modification, packaging, and other processes.

Electrophoresis Chip Customization and Processing

Application of Electrophoresis Chip

Microfluidic chip electrophoresis is flexible in design. It can freely integrate various experimental processes such as sample pretreatment, sample injection, and separation. In addition, it can design and manufacture chips with specific functions, simplify experimental steps, and complete rapid separation. It is widely used in DNA, amino acids, proteins, biomarkers, and other research fields.

Electrophoresis Chip Customization and Processing

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