Product Development

As life science becomes more and more complex, more development solutions are needed to meet the challenges. These solutions require more streamlined workflows to perform more analysis on smaller samples. Whether you want to create an instrument for life science research or diagnosis, you need microfluidic technology.

Years of experience have enabled Alfa Chemistry to acquire a wealth of knowledge, which has proven to be essential for the development of microfluidics in various applications. The experts at Alfa Chemistry provide you with microfluidic technology, which can simplify the laboratory workflow in various applications. We can work with you to develop complex technologies and related products while simplifying functions, improving manufacturability and reducing costs.

Our Development Fields

If you are currently conceptualizing, improving, or validating microfluidic applications from the list below, please contact our development experts. We make sure that you will get something valuable from us. Our development fields include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Complex microarray
  • The custom cell culture system
  • Photoelectric method
  • Point-of-care biomarker testing
  • Human/animal pathogen detection
  • Toxicity measurement in droplet samples
  • Monitoring the efficacy of drugs in small amount of fluids
  • Optical MEMS
  • Cell separation
  • Fluid drug delivery
  • In vitro platform for stem cell research
  • Microfluidic system
  • Instant care sequencing solution
  • Cancer research through biomarker or cell analysis

Product Development

Design for Manufacturing

From the moment you encounter your concept, Alfa Chemistry is thinking about turning it into a successful manufacturing method. You can work with us at any time when the concept is mature and realize the advantages of the true DFM method. We will also help you improve existing market products through DFM optimization, and improve product quality while reducing product complexity and costs.

Our DFM method Our is built around the following core principles:

  • Reduced number of parts

By reducing the number of materials and components in the bill of materials, the number of manufacturing process steps and the complexity of the supply chain can be reduced.

  • Leverage existing solutions

By using preferred materials, existing designs, and established processes, the risks of new product development can be reduced and lengthy and expensive development activities can be avoided.

  • Design compatibility

When the existing design solution cannot be used, it will be ensured that it is consistent with the existing manufacturing process.

  • Appropriate controls

Manufacturing control is essential to ensure that products meet specifications every time.

Our In-house Bioscience Capability

Transforming biochemical processes into microfluidic forms is a complex task that links biochemistry with microengineering, manufacturing automation, supply chain logistics, regulatory restrictions, and commercial issues. Alfa Chemistry's internal biological science capabilities are dedicated to solving these complex problems in order to transform your science into real-world products that can achieve commercial success.

Product Development

Our team has expertise in the analysis, development, and translation of molecular, cellular, and immunological applications (including PCR, antibody coupling, cell culture, reagent spotting, etc). By understanding the impact of the microengineering environment on each bioassay step, the team provides technical expertise and guidance for the adaptation and transfer of bioassays and systems on the microfluidic platform.

Our products and services are for research use only.

Headquartered in New York, USA

Alfa Chemistry's employees come from all over the world. We cooperate with hundreds of organizations, while our products and services are sold in many countries.