Custom Design

Custom Design

Alfa Chemistry provides consulting and custom design solutions for customers who need to conduct microfluidic labs on chip prototyping. To help customers focus on microfluidics research, we have developed a wide range of customized products for flow control and fluid handling related applications. Our goal is to work with customers to develop their designs from concept to prototype to production.

We help you innovate to the smallest details to achieve your goals

The goal of Alfa Chemistry is to exceed your quality and reliability expectations. We understand that the goal of most microfluidic systems is to achieve a higher degree of integration than other methods, thereby reducing size and cost, and improving workflow efficiency and analysis speed. We rely on decades of expertise in microfluidic design and manufacturing to ensure that your microfluidic products will meet the most stringent repeatability standards while achieving world-class performance. You can enter the market faster and more confidently to achieve your goals.

Custom Design

Custom Design Process

We transform your idea from concept to manufacturing through a mature phased process. The process of risk reduction provides greater technical and commercial certainty at every step.

Our flexible participation model is designed to allow you to contact us at any time based on the current maturity of the product. At each stage of development, we strictly follow ISO 13485 regulations to achieve all these goals.

Custom Design

  • Project Definition

We will conduct a thorough review of your existing concept to establish its feasibility and propose the key modifications needed to achieve a commercially viable manufacturable product. We evaluate product requirements based on experience and ability and formulate initial project plans.

  • Feasibility and Concept

We isolate and resolve key risks by quickly designing and building test work packages. We focused on feasibility and listed all the requirements and specifications of the project. Usually, we will build a proof-of-principle prototype for laboratory testing.

  • Design Validation and Verification

We perform design validation and verification to ensure that detailed design specifications meet design requirements. We will design and manufacture a series of prototypes and test and enhance them until they meet the specifications and have all the necessary functions. This process will generate a verification report for the verified and locked product design. We consider the scalable manufacturing process ahead of time to ensure that there are more options in the future.

  • Transition from design to manufacturing

Our design and manufacturing departments work together to ensure the quality of the final product. They ensure that all processes are set up as a transition from design to manufacturing.

  • Manufacturing

According to the manufacturing plan generated in the early stage, design, construct, install and test run all the infrastructure of the pilot line. We ensure that we will produce in agreed quantities and that the products meet all requirements.

Our products and services are for research use only.

Headquartered in New York, USA

Alfa Chemistry's employees come from all over the world. We cooperate with hundreds of organizations, while our products and services are sold in many countries.