SU-8 Photoresist

SU-8 photoresist is a high contrast, epoxy-based photoresist used in a wide range of micromachining and other microelectronic applications requiring thick chemically and thermally stabilized images. It is a negative photoresist, with the exposed and subsequently crosslinked portions of the film insoluble in liquid developer. SU-8 photoresist has very high optical transparency above 360 nm, making it ideally suited for imaging the near-vertical sidewalls of very thick films. It is widely used in the preparation of microfluidic chips, including the preparation of microstructures such as microfluidic channels, reaction chambers, valves, and pumps.

Alfa Chemistry offers a range of SU-8 photoresists that are formulated with cyclopentanone solvents that can pattern structures with good stability and high resolution in ultra-thick coating processes.


CatalogProductFilm thickness with single spin coat process
MF-R08SU-8 2000.50.5-0.8 μm
MF-R09SU-8 20022-2.9 μm
MF-R10SU-8 20054-8 μm
MF-R11SU-8 201010-20 μm
MF-R12SU-8 201512-38 μm
MF-R13SU-8 202520-80 μm
MF-R14SU-8 205040-170 μm
MF-R15SU-8 207560-240 μm
MF-R16SU-8 2100100-270 μm
MF-R17SU-8 2150190-650 μm
MF-R18SU-8 30108-15 μm
MF-R19SU-8 302520-60 μm
MF-R20SU-8 305045-100 μm


The SU-8 photoresist provided by Alfa Chemistry has the following key advantages:

  • It has low light absorption in the near-ultraviolet (365nm-400nm) range, and the exposure obtained is uniform throughout the photoresist layer, resulting in thick film patterns with near vertical sidewalls and high aspect ratios.
  • It has good mechanical properties, chemical resistance, thermal stability and biocompatibility.
  • It is non-conductive and can be used directly as an insulator when plating.
SU-8 Photoresist

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