PTFE Tubing

PTFE Tubing

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a transparent, chemically inert and non-toxic material with unsurpassed chemical resistance and an easy-to-flow surface. Tubing made of PTFE is suitable for the introduction of tiny flows in microfluidic devices.

Alfa Chemistry offers PTFE tubing in a variety of sizes suitable for most microfluidic applications.


CatalogProductInner Diameter (ID)Outer Diameter (OD)
MF-MCA119PTFE tubing0.3 mm0.6 mm
MF-MCA120PTFE tubing0.5 mm0.9 mm
MF-MCA121PTFE tubing0.5 mm1.5 mm
MF-MCA122PTFE tubing0.6 mm1.0 mm
MF-MCA123PTFE tubing0.6 mm1.6 mm
MF-MCA124PTFE tubing0.8 mm1.2 mm
MF-MCA125PTFE tubing0.8 mm1.6 mm
MF-MCA126PTFE tubing1.0 mm1.4 mm
MF-MCA127PTFE tubing1.0 mm1.6 mm
MF-MCA128PTFE tubing1.0 mm2.0mm
MF-MCA129PTFE tubing1.0 mm3.0 mm
MF-MCA130PTFE tubing1.2 mm1.6 mm
MF-MCA131PTFE tubing1.6 mm2.0 mm
MF-MCA132PTFE tubing1.8 mm2.6 mm
MF-MCA133PTFE tubing2.0 mm2.4 mm
MF-MCA134PTFE tubing2.8 mm3.4 mm


The PTFE tubing provided by Alfa Chemistry has the following key advantages:


  • High temperature resistance: Its working temperature up to 250°C.
  • Low temperature resistance: It has good mechanical toughness, eve if the temperature drops to -196°C, but also can maintain the elongation of 5%.
  • Corrosion resistance: It exhibits inertia to most chemicals and solvents, and is resistant to strong acids and bases, water and various organic solvents.
  • Non-toxicity: It is physiologically inert and has no adverse reactions when implanted in the body for a long time as artificial blood vessels and organs.
  • High lubricity: It has a low coefficient of friction and are ideal for oil-free lubrication.
  • Non-adhesive: It has very low surface tension and do not adhere to any substance.
  • Electrically insulating: It can resist 1500 volts high voltage electricity.

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