Surface Modification

Precise control and manipulation of the surface properties of materials is essential for the development of new, reliable, efficient and multifunctional microfluidic components. Alfa Chemistry uses various biological, chemical and physical processes to modify the properties of materials without changing their volume properties. We provide various solutions to achieve surface modification, such as coating and biomaterial deposition applications.

We look forward to receiving all the information about your specific surface modification requirements.

What we can provide

  • Surface Modified Coatings

The surface coating plays an important role in achieving the required anti-blocking, anti-fouling and protective properties of the material. For example, hydrophilic/hydrophobic coatings are essential to achieve the correct fluid contact angle and help control surface wettability, which is very important for controlling capillary flow.

Alfa Chemistry has a variety of surface coating technologies that can be used to solve various microfluidic challenges. The materials can be coated with specialized selective deposition and patterning equipment to produce fine microfluidic paths. This self-assembly process ensures uniform processing every time.

  • Deposition of Biomaterials

Generally, in the determination of biological materials, it is necessary to deposit a biocompatible, bioselective, or biorepellent layer. The immobilization of certain molecules can be achieved through biological separation/purification techniques. In this technology, Alfa Chemistry functionalizes the surface and sensor molecules that can bind to target molecules, such as antibodies/nucleic acid probes. The possibilities are very different, for example, antibodies, DNA, proteins, cells, aptamers, catalytic and redox activity units can be "captured".

Surface ModificationFig.1 Schematic presentation of PDMS surface modification by collagen-I. The polar groups of collagen-I covalently bind with the PDMS surface and self-assemble to provide the platform for cell attachment. (Akther F, et al. 2020)

Why Microfluidic Coatings from Alfa Chemistry?

We are surface modification experts. At Alfa Chemistry, we will provide the surface modification technology you need for your project! We work directly with you to tailor a solution that meets the unique needs of your product. Our modification can be done locally or on the entire surface.

Benefits of working with us:

  • A professional R&D team to assist you.
  • The scalable process from development to manufacturing.

Surface Modification


  • Akther F, et al. (2020). "Surface Modification Techniques for Endothelial Cell Seeding in PDMS Microfluidic Devices." Biosensors. 10: 182.

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