Film Lithography Mask

Mask is the carrier of intellectual property information such as graphic design and process technology through graphics transfer tools or masters in the process of microelectronic manufacturing. The film mask is based on resin, the price is lower than other types, but the precision is low, and the number of use is limited.

Film Lithography Mask

Manufacturing Process

  • After the customer determines the drawing, through the secondary editing and processing of the professional design software.
  • Design data layering according to layout. Operation, according to the process requirements to determine the corresponding parameters and format conversion.
  • The mask is made of positive photoresist, which requires cross-linking reaction in the lithography of the exposure area through the laser action in the lithography machine.
  • After exposure, the unexposed area under the action of developer is retained and the film layer is protected.
  • The part of the protective film will retain the graphic style, and then etched and dissolved through the etching solution.
  • After dissolving and forming, the excess photoresist is removed by the demoulding process.
  • Wash both sides of the mask with clean water.
  • After completing the above steps, the accurate parameter values are obtained by dimensional measurement.
  • The next step is to check whether the mask version of the product meets the customized needs of customers, and comprehensively detect and confirm the good products, such as graphics, rankings, scars, graphics edges and so on.

Product Parameters

MaterialThicknessGraphicsMinimum line widthAccuracy
Polyester0.175 mmVarious graphicsGreater than 20μm+ 2 μm

Alfa Chemistry

As a professional manufacturer engaged in customized processing of microfluidic products, Alfa Chemistry has advanced processing equipment and technology, which can provide customers with customized and high-quality mask products. If you have this need, you can contact Alfa Chemistry, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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