Emulsion Breaker

An emulsion breaker is a surfactant that destroys emulsions. The main principle is that by rapidly replacing the stabilizing membrane on the surface of the original emulsion the cured microdroplets are released for subsequent analytical studies. Alfa Chemistry offers emulsion breakers, a specially formulated fluorinated oil solution that is effective in releasing cured microdroplets from emulsions.


MF-R0510 mL
MF-R0650 mL
MF-R07100 mL


The emulsion breaker provided by Alfa Chemistry has the following key advantages:

  • High agglomeration efficiency and enhanced membrane continuity.
  • Minimal waste of droplet contents and rapid recovery of the dispersed phase.

Method of Use

Method of Use

1. Add emulsion breaker at 1:1 (v/v) in the centrifuge tube where the oil phase was removed.
2. Centrifuge and shake to break the emulsion until the product is milky white.
3. Remove the emulsion breaker from the bottom of the centrifuge tube to obtain cured microdroplets.

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