Chip Holders

Chip holders are a kind of apparatus used to keep the chip and experimental equipment fixed, cooperate with micro-precision liquid injection, flow regulation and fix the temperature of the chip. They are one of the key devices to realize microfluidic experiments for stable fluidic operation and sensor control, which have an important impact on the performance and application of microfluidic chips.

Alfa Chemistry offers chip holders for microfluidic chip clamping as well as sample input and output. The holders utilize a special clamping structure to provide a fast and reversible fluidic connection to the core channel of the chip or other apparatus, effectively improving the efficiency of experimental operations.


TypeStandard Glass Chip HolderStandard PDMS Chip Holder
Dimensions50×103×11 mm50×118×15 mm
Applicable tubing sizeOD 1.6 mmOD 1.6 mm
Applicable chip sizeL×W ≤ 30×70 mm, thickness 2 mm or 3 mmL×W 25×75 mm, thickness 2 mm


The chip holder provided by Alfa Chemistry has the following key advantages:

  • The use of chip holders greatly improves the number of times the chip can be recycled and makes it less likely to be damaged.
  • They have a wide range of temperature and pressure resistance and can be used with optical inspection system for easy experimental observation.
  • Their interfaces are more pressure-resistant, better sealed, and less likely to leak.
  • They make the chip operation more convenient in the process of using, and the disassembly of the catheter is also more convenient.
  • They permit easy replacement of the chip when repeating the experiment, improving the efficiency of the experiment.

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