Alfa Chemistry is committed to reducing the size of chemical and biological laboratories by bringing single-chip laboratory systems into daily laboratory life. From microfluidic experiment-related consumables to what it is, our products can meet your various requirements and cover a variety of applications from simple liquid handling, electrophoresis, extraction, or mixing to sample preparation and completion of analysis work.

Whether you need consumables or chips, you will find satisfactory components in our catalog, and you can easily enter the field of microfluidic processing and manipulation. Our catalog is your road map to microfluidic technology, which allows you to enter this innovative technology field quickly, at low cost and with low risk.

Our expertise in the field of microfluidics goes far beyond the products listed in our catalog: Are you looking for reliable microfluidic product developers? Do you you want to convert specific functions to microfluidic design, and whether you need to convert biology or biochemical analysis applied to a certain product? The miniaturized formats are developed from scratch for microfluidic consumables, or if you want to develop the entire lab-on-a-chip system: we will provide you with a full range of production and development services here.

Our products and services are for research use only.

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