Cell Culture Chips

Cell Culture Chips

Cell culture chips are an innovative tool in the field of cell biology that is changing the landscape of cell research and medical applications in unprecedented ways. The chips combine cell culture with microfluidics to enable highly precise control and monitoring of cells through tiny channels and microfluidic manipulation techniques. In addition, since the cell culture chips can handle multiple tiny culture chambers at the same time, high throughput experiments can be realized to save time and resources.


Chip materialPDMSPMMAPC
Pore size8-9 μm8-9 μm8-9 μm

Application Areas

Cell culture chips have a wide range of applications in several fields, including:

Application Areas

  • Drug screening and R&D
    Cell culture chips can help drug developers test the toxicity and efficacy of drug candidates more quickly and precisely, thus accelerating the development of new drugs.
  • Cancer research
    By culturing cancer cells on a chip, researchers can better understand the growth and spreading mechanisms of cancer, which can help find new treatments.

Stem cell research

  • Stem cell research
    Cell culture chips provide an ideal platform for studying the properties and potential applications of stem cells, such as tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
  • Immunology research
    Cell culture chips can be used to study the functions and interactions of immune cells, helping us to better understand how the immune system works.

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