Silicon Wafers

Silicon Wafers

Silicon, with its high-temperature stability, resistance to a wide range of chemicals, excellent mechanical properties and its monocrystalline structure, is a widely used material in microfluidics. The silicon wafers can be structured to a very high degree of precision through a variety of available micro and nanofabrication techniques. Silicon wafers are undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to microfluidic applications that focus on compactness, ultrafine and numerous structures. They allow the combination of microfluidics with integration and sensing and are ideally suited for use in lab-on-a-chip in the health and life sciences.

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of silicon wafers for multiple microfluidic applications. If you don't find the specification you need, please contact us. We can provide product customization to meet your specific requirements.


CatalogSize Conduction typeSurface finishCrystal orientationResistivityThickness
MF-MCA0251 inchNSingle side polished111>1 Ω·cm250 μm
MF-MCA0261 inchPDouble side polished1001-20 Ω·cm100 μm
MF-MCA0272 inchesNSingle side polished11110-35 Ω·cm500 μm
MF-MCA0282 inchesNSingle side polished1001-10 Ω·cm500 μm
MF-MCA0292 inchesNDouble side polished1001-10 Ω·cm480 μm
MF-MCA0302 inchesPSingle side polished1101-10 Ω·cm400 μm
MF-MCA0312 inchesPSingle side polished1001-10 Ω·cm500 μm
MF-MCA0322 inchesPSingle side polished1000.01-0.05 Ω·cm500 μm
MF-MCA0332 inchesPSingle side polished100<0.0015 Ω·cm1000 μm
MF-MCA0342 inchesPSingle side polished1000.001-0.01 Ω·cm2000 μm
MF-MCA0352 inchesPDouble side polished10020-50 Ω·cm380 μm
MF-MCA0363 inchesNSingle side polished11110-25 Ω·cm450 μm
MF-MCA0373 inchesNSingle side polished100>5 Ω·cm400 μm
MF-MCA0383 inchesPSingle side polished1001-10 Ω·cm400 μm
MF-MCA0393 inchesPSingle side polished1000.001-0.005 Ω·cm400 μm
MF-MCA0404 inchesNSingle side polished1000.001-0.005 Ω·cm500 μm
MF-MCA0414 inchesNSingle side polished1000.01-0.02 Ω·cm500 μm
MF-MCA0424 inchesNSingle side polished1001-10 Ω·cm500 μm
MF-MCA0434 inchesNSingle side polished1110.001-0.005 Ω·cm500 μm
MF-MCA0444 inchesNSingle side polished11130-60 Ω·cm450 μm
MF-MCA0454 inchesNSingle side polished11110-25 Ω·cm500 μm
MF-MCA0464 inchesPSingle side polished1000.01-0.05 Ω·cm1000 μm
MF-MCA0474 inchesPSingle side polished1000.001-0.005 Ω·cm2000 μm
MF-MCA0484 inchesPSingle side polished1000.001-0.005 Ω·cm500 μm
MF-MCA0494 inchesPSingle side polished1000.01-0.05 Ω·cm500 μm
MF-MCA0504 inchesPSingle side polished1001-10 Ω·cm500 μm
MF-MCA0514 inchesPSingle side polished1110.01-0.015 Ω·cm525 μm


The silicon wafers provided by Alfa Chemistry have the following key advantages:


  • Resistant to organic solvents
  • Easy of metal deposition
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Stable electroosmotic mobility
  • Excellent finish, mature processing technology

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