PS Substrates

Polystyrene (PS) is an aromatic polymer made from styrene monomer. It has gained industrial attention due to its good mechanical properties and low cost, and its non-toxicity and high transparency have made it one of the important raw materials in the biomedical field. PS is not only widely used in cell/tissue culture containers, but also has an important application in the preparation of micro- and nano-sized devices, such as microfluidic chips. Its hydrophobic surface can be made hydrophilic by various physical and chemical methods including corona discharge, gas plasma, irradiation, etc., which can enhance its binding with chemical or biological ligands or improve its interactions with biofluids.

Alfa Chemistry offers a range of PS substrates that are well suited for building cell culture microfluidic chips. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us. We can provide product customization according to your specific requirements.


MF-MCA095PS Plate (1 mm thick)1 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA096PS Plate (2 mm thick)2 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA097PS Plate (3 mm thick)3 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA098PS Plate (4 mm thick)4 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA099PS Plate (5 mm thick)5 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA100PS Plate (6 mm thick)6 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA101PS Plate (8 mm thick)8 mm300 mm×300 mm


  • PS can be used with bases, butyl alcohol, ethylene glycol, organic acids, diluted inorganic acids at lower temperatures (except hydrofluoric acids), mineral oils, hydrogen oxide.
  • PS can not be used with ketones, esters, ethers, halogenated organic reagents, hydrocarbons (except mineral oils).


PS Substrates

The PS substrates provided by Alfa Chemistry have the following key advantages:

  • They are chemically inert, optically transparent and biocompatible.
  • Their surfaces are easy to finish and can be bonded quickly.

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