Microfluidic chips are currently a hot area in the development of Miniaturized Total Analysis Systems. Its goal is to integrate the functions of the entire laboratory, including sampling, dilution, reagent addition, reaction, separation, and detection, on a microchip, and it can be used multiple times. The microfluidic chip has the characteristics of controllable liquid flow, minimal consumption of samples and reagents, and an increase in analysis speed by ten times or hundreds of times. It has great potential and value in biochemical assays, such as proteomics based on microfluidics, scientific analysis, immunoassay, genomics analysis, etc.

After decades of research, Alfa Chemistry's outstanding microfluidic experts have developed a variety of independent solutions based on microfluidics. We can provide experimental solutions directly, or customize them according to your needs. We also provide categorized products and customer-specific product development, including their respective fluid interfaces and instruments to run chips.

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