Fluidic Connectors

Fluidic Connectors

When working with microfluidic devices, you need to establish a connection between the chip and the macroscopic world on a regular basis. Fluidic connectors are the most commonly used accessory for microfluidic chips, solving the macroscopic-to-microscopic fluidic transition in the simplest way possible. Alfa Chemistry provides you with simple and well-validated fluidic connectors that can quickly create leak-free connections on chip surfaces. Since the right choice of material is often relevant for your application, we offer connectors in different materials. Also, in order to meet the needs of different customers, we can provide cost-effective connection solutions based on user-provided information.

Our connectors allow for quick and easy integration of microfluidic devices into new or existing systems. They are not only simple and fast, but also a very cost-effective solution. They provide reliable connections that can be installed without any tools.

What We Offer

The fluidic connectors we offer are mainly as follows:

  • 1/32" to 1/16" reducing connector
  • Anti-siphon filter
  • 4mm outer diameter quick plug
  • Capillary filter
  • Capillary connector
  • Capillary reducing connector
  • Male luer connector
  • Male luer connector plug
  • Syringe pump connector
  • 1/16" capillary connector
  • 1/32" capillary connector
  • Rigid chip connector base (bonded connector)
  • 2-way, capillary connector
  • 3-way, capillary connector
  • 4-way, capillary connector
The fluidic connectors we offer


The fluidic connectors provided by Alfa Chemistry has the following main applications:


  • Digital PCR
  • High-throughput cell screening
  • Cell capture & labeling
  • Continuous pulse-free fluidic injection & delivery

Choose Alfa Chemistry

Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing customers with top quality microfluidic accessories. We supply various sizes of fluidic connectors made of different materials to help you quickly create non-permanent, leak-free connections on the surface or side of microfluidic chips, ensuring that the connections are hermetically sealed, even in high-pressure environments. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us. We also offer customized specifications to meet your different experimental needs.

Our products and services are for research use only.

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