Microfluidic Chips

Microfluidic Chips

Microfluidic chips, also known as lab-on-a-chip devices, are miniature platforms for manipulating and analyzing small volumes of fluids. These chips have molded or patterned microchannels that are capable of integrating, miniaturizing, fastening the sampling, dilution, concentration, mixing, separation, reaction and detection of routine experiments. Furthermore, precise control of minute quantities of fluids is realized as various functions are integrated into a compact substrate.

Alfa Chemistry is a leading supplier and manufacturer of microfluidic chips, committed to providing high-quality and high-performance chip products. We offer a range of standard chips as well as chips specifically designed for the required application and analysis. For more information, please click on the "READ MORE" button below.

Standard Glass Chips

Alfa Chemistry offers a series of ready-to-use standard glass chips that are suitable for working with high temperatures or organic solvents…


Standard PDMS Chips

Standard PDMS chips are suitable for most microfluidic applications, especially biological and cellular applications…


Droplet Generator Chips

Alfa Chemistry offers a range of microfluidic droplet generator chips that ensure the production of single droplets of various sizes with high precision and accuracy…


Cell Culture Chips

Alfa Chemistry offers cell culture chips made of PDMS, PMMA, and PC, which enable high-precision control and monitoring of cells, allowing for high-throughput experiments that save time and resources…


LNP Synthetic Chips

LNP synthesis chips are capable of handling very small and large amounts of liquids with very fine control of the final LNP properties…


Capillary Electrophoresis Chips

Capillary electrophoresis chips have the advantages of small size, short time and high efficiency in separating biomolecules…


Enhanced Oil Recovery Chips

Enhanced oil recovery chips are new platform for the study of thermal, chemical and microbial enhanced oil recovery, with the advantages of requiring fewer samples, lower cost of use and easy integration with other equipment…


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