Construction of Microfluidic Laboratory

Since microfluidic chips have been used in all aspects of traditional analysis and detection fields, many scientific research institutions and companies have expressed strong interest in this. The prerequisite for in-depth research and industrialization of microfluidic chips is to be able to process microfluidic chips, which requires the establishment of a microfluidic chip processing laboratory.

Since its establishment, Alfa Chemistry has been committed to providing microfluidic chips and related technical services for scientific research institutions and enterprises. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and team foundation in the design, structure, instrument matching, technical training and post-service of the microfluidic chip laboratory, and can provide you with solutions for the construction of the microfluidic laboratory. Please contact us for more information.

Functional Block Division

A functionalized lab on a chip generally includes three parts: chips, analysis and testing equipment, methods and kits to realize chip functions.

  • The chip design is divided into blocks by computer-aided drawing, and the chip design is completed.
  • The template-making block provides functions such as photolithography template-making.
  • The sample processing module is mainly a plasma sputtering instrument for injection molding, drilling, cutting, bonding and other tasks on the chip.
  • The chip characterization is mainly carried out by scanning electron microscope and stepper to measure the shape, size and surface roughness of the processing pipeline.
  • The modified blocks on the chip surface can be chemically modified or physically deposited to change the hydrophobic/hydrophilic properties of the material.
  • Chip functional blocks are mainly based on chips to complete various detection and analysis functions.

Microfluidic Laboratory

The processing and use of microfluidic chips need to be carried out in a clean environment. We can recommend appropriate laboratory cleanliness levels (level 100, 1000, 10000, 100000) according to the processing accuracy and customer budget, and set up specific functional areas according to customer needs and site conditions to meet customer experimental needs.

Construction of Microfluidic Laboratory

The complete clean room construction plan includes laboratory planning and design, laboratory furniture installation, laboratory ventilation system design and installation, laboratory gas pipeline design and installation, purchase of conventional instruments and related consumables, and drug supply.

Microfluidic Laboratory Equipment

We configure common equipment and related biological and chemical materials for different laboratories according to the specific application fields of customers, including photolithography laboratories, soft injection laboratories, machining laboratories, sealing laboratories, testing laboratories, etc.

Microfluidic Chip Technology Training

We provide technical training for most scientific research institutions and related companies, such as micro and nano processing technology, related microfluidic technology training, laboratory molding related training, photolithography process training, chip sealing-related technology training, etc.

Packaging Products

  • Lithography machine
  • Uniform gluing machine
  • Hole punch
  • Plasma cleaner
  • Vacuum oven
  • Vacuum mixer
  • Profilometer
  • Injection pump
  • Optical microscope
  • Contact angle measuring instrument

Construction of Microfluidic Laboratory

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