Standard PDMS Chips

Standard PDMS Chips

Polydimethylsiloxane (also known as PDMS) is the material of choice for starting most microfluidic projects. With its advantages of transparency, breathability, biocompatibility, and chemical inertness, it is ideally suited for microfluidic chip fabrication related to cell culture, drug screening, cell capture, etc. Alfa Chemistry offers a range of off-the-shelf PDMS microfluidic chips, and they are extremely cost-effective and available in a wide variety of structural options.


TypeChip materialCatalogSpecification
Straight ChannelPDMSMF-MC06Channel Depth: 50 μm, Lid Thickness: 3-4 mm
T ChannelPDMSMF-MC07Channel Depth: 50 μm, Lid Thickness: 3-4 mm
Y ChannelPDMSMF-MC08Channel Depth: 50 μm, Lid Thickness: 3-4 mm
Cross ChannelPDMSMF-MC09Channel Depth: 50 μm, Lid Thickness: 3-4 mm
Meander ChannelPDMSMF-MC10Channel Depth: 50 μm, Lid Thickness: 3-4 mm


The standard PDMS microfluidic chips provided by Alfa Chemistry have the following key advantages:

  • The standard PDMS microfluidic chips have excellent optical transparency, which facilitates imaging and microscopy. For example, it allows real-time imaging and monitoring of microfluidic cell culture chambers.
  • They have high resolution and fine structures. PDMS chips are typically made by pouring a liquid premix onto a master mold, and this casting process gives the chips their fine characteristics.
  • They are biologically inert, which ensures their neutrality in biological applications and makes them a suitable choice for cell culture substrates. In addition, PDMS is a breathable material with diffusion coefficients of about 2000-4000 µm2/s for oxygen and 1000 µm2/s for CO2, which gives it an advantage in long-term cell cultures.


Why Choose Us

  • Versatility: We offer a wide range of standard microfluidic chips to make them easier to apply in areas such as life sciences, diagnostics and chemical analysis.
  • Reliability: With unique expertise and rich technical accumulation in microfluidic manufacturing, our team is able to provide top-quality solutions to our customers.
  • High quality: Using advanced micro-nanofluidic processing and photolithography to precisely control the channel size and structure shape to ensure the stability and reliability of the chip.

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