PC Substrates

Polycarbonate (PC) is a colorless, transparent polymer material with exceptionally good impact resistance, thermal stability, gloss, bacterial inhibition and contamination resistance. Due to its visible light transparency and extremely high glass transition temperature (145°C), it is the durable material of choice for a range of microfluidic applications in biomedical research and bioanalysis, including DNA thermal cycling applications, sample lysis, pathogen detection, amplicon labeling, nucleic acid isolation, and enzyme amplification. In addition, the polymer allows for the fabrication of multilayer devices, which makes PC an effective alternative to photoetching and PDMS molding based solutions.

Alfa Chemistry offers a range of PC substrates that are well suited for building microfluidic systems. If you don't find what you need, please contact us. We can provide product customization according to your specific requirements.


MF-MCA082PC (0.5 mm thick)0.5 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA083PC (0.8 mm thick)0.8 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA084PC (1 mm thick)1 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA085PC (2 mm thick)2 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA086PC (3 mm thick)3 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA087PC (4 mm thick)4 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA088PC (5 mm thick)5 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA089PC (6 mm thick)6 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA090PC (8 mm thick)8 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA091PC (10 mm thick)10 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA092PC (12 mm thick)12 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA093PC (15 mm thick)15 mm300 mm×300 mm
MF-MCA094PC (20 mm thick)20 mm300 mm×300 mm


  • PC can be used with diluted acids, alcohols, oils and fats.
  • PC cannot be used with bases, esters, ketones, aldehydes, amines, aromatics.



The PC substrates provided by Alfa Chemistry have the following key advantages:

PC Substrates

  • They have hard texture, excellent impact strength and good heat resistance, making them suitable for use in high pressure or high temperature experimental conditions.
  • They have good chemical resistance and can withstand certain chemical corrosion and acid and alkali solutions.
  • They have good transparency and can be used for microscopic observation.

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