Microfluidic Tubing

Microfluidic tubing is an essential component of all microfluidic research and experiments. Alfa Chemistry offers a diverse range of microfluidic tubing made from quartz, PTFE, PEEK and PE, which makes the tubing highly resistant to friction and chemicals and suitable for long term use in a laboratory environment. These tubing materials are also flexible and can be easily bent, twisted and turned for a variety of different experimental and research tasks, making it easy to design efficient and accurate microfluidic systems.

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Microfluidic Tubing

Quartz Capillary Tubing

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of quartz capillary tubing for a variety of microfluidic applications…


PTFE Tubing

PTFE tubing is suitable for the introduction of tiny flows in microfluidic devices…


PEEK Tubing

PEEK tubing is a good choice for both low and high pressure applications…


PE Tubing

PE tubing has excellent compound compatibility and low temperature resistance…


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