Commercial Maturity of Microfluidics

Through years of experience in microfluidic production and research and development, Alfa Chemistry has assembled a professional team of first-class microfluidic experts from all over the world, which can provide professional microfluidic maturity business analysis for companies that are developing diagnostic microfluidic products. This is essential to business success.

Maturity Assessment

Our biological science team will thoroughly review your existing concepts to analyze and evaluate their maturity and the feasibility of converting to a microfluidic environment. This process involves a series of seminars to learn about technology and share data and information with you.

The maturity analysis process requires a comprehensive assessment and gap analysis to determine the results, which includes many important factors, such as:

  • Is the complete measurement procedure clearly defined?
  • Have all the necessary reagents been defined and verified?
  • Has the testing method been validated or reached what level?
  • How important are pressure, temperature, and surface area to the measurement function?
  • Are there any known materials that are not compatible with the detection reagents or workflow?

The answers to these questions and many others help us define the maturity of the analysis.

Commercial Maturity of Microfluidics

Benchmark Characterization Analysis

Analytical characterization is a key part of microfluidic commercialization assessment, which determines the essential factors to maintain this function in a microfluidic environment. At this stage, we work closely with your team to break down and understand the workflow in the best way. This level of understanding is the basis for the success of the plan in the later stages, because more risks can be resolved from the beginning, and any future problems that may occur can be effectively traced back to the source. A complete classification of the baseline methodology will identify important gaps in data and risks that can be mitigated in the early stages of the plan.

Commercial Maturity of Microfluidics

Product Development

After ensuring that the first two steps are correct, the results can be considered mature and can be used for the translation of microfluidic devices. Alfa Chemistry's product development method always revolves around maturity testing methods. This is why analytical maturity is actually a key driver of success-it supports and informs the entire program.

Before proceeding with program development, our team will work closely with you to ensure that your test results are ready for translation. We look forward to providing you with relevant advice and support.

Why Choose Us?

  • The experiment period is short and the quality is reliable.
  • We have standardized operating laboratories and high-throughput sequencing technology platforms, such as Illumina HiSeq 2500, MiSeq, etc.
  • Experienced technicians can provide experimental solutions, solve experimental problems and analyze experimental results according to customer requirements.

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