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An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Supplier of High-Quality Chemicals, Custom Synthesis and Provider of Testing Services
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Strategic Partnership

When we solve complex problems together, your ideas will remain safe and protected. Alfa Chemistry is a global leader in the field of fluids and microfluidics. Through strategic partnerships, breakthrough solutions and mature expertise, the path of microfluidization has become a triple advantage for customers.

We have the ability to help instrument developers solve the most demanding fluid and optical challenges in a variety of applications. Alfa Chemistry believes that partnerships will change the way the world is innovated, leading to new technologies.

Since its establishment, the number of customers of Alfa Chemistry has been growing every year and now has thousands of customers in more than 50 countries. Our clients include a wide range of major academic institutions, biotechnology companies, start-ups, pharmaceutical companies, and almost any company or organization involved in science.

We are passionate about the field of microfluidics, and we look forward to collaborating with scientists, researchers and engineers in many industries all over the world to find new and better ways to solve scientific problems.

Why Choose Us

We continuously improve the quality of our services for industries and research and provide support to global customers with high-quality results and excellent customer support.

We aim to ensure the collaborations with our customers are easy and convenient.


Meet Our Team

Since its establishment, Alfa Chemistry has gradually developed into a comprehensive company dedicated to providing
microfluidic overall services and personalized microfluidic control for researchers in the fields of new drug development, biotechnology, laboratory precision analysis, and tumor research. With advanced instruments and professional microfluidic experts, we have integrated our unique technology to fully meet your needs for microfluidic research.