Technical Sales Representative

Alfa Chemistry focuses on the fields of life science fluids and microfluidics. We can help instrument developers solve the most demanding fluid and optical challenges for a variety of applications. We provide a wide range of microfluidic product catalogs in a wide range of applications, including Microfluidics Devices, Specialist Chemicals, and Materials, Microfluidics Consumables and Accessories, etc.

Our clients include a wide range of major academic institutions, biotechnology, start-ups, pharmaceutical companies, and almost all companies or organizations involved in scientific research. We are passionate about the field of microfluidics and look forward to cooperating with scientists around the world to find new and better ways to solve scientific problems.

We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities and are looking for energetic and experienced technical sales managers to join our growing team.

Position Summary

The main responsibilities of the technical sales manager include implementing sales strategies, establishing contacts with current and potential customers, determining their needs based on product specifications and plans, and providing suitable products to support the realization of sales goals.
The ideal candidate has efficient communication skills and a strong professional background to provide professional technical support, can spontaneously formulate and implement business plans, and work with the team to provide active telephone return visits and business development activities. Our position advantages include a competitive salary, comprehensive training, medical insurance, and life benefits.

Main Tasks

  • Responsible for processing customer orders from quotation generation to final product delivery, maintaining and improving the satisfaction of existing partners.
  • Coordinate and respond to customer requests for order progress, invoice adjustments, product quality issues and data updates.
  • Responsible for handling customer requirements related to quotation-related documents, and professional technical support.
  • Maintain communication with customers and potential customers to understand needs and challenges, and actively explore new prospects.
  • Keep up with market dynamics, application trends, and competitive trends, and provide feedback to the team to formulate business development plans.
  • Achieve the expected sales and revenue budget for the region.


  • Majors in experimental biophysics/biochemistry/bioengineering, mechanical engineering, experimental physics, electric engineering, material science or fluid dynamics, advanced degrees preferred.
  • Have a strong professional background in materials and fluids, be able to solve customer needs and provide professional technical support.
  • General knowledge of chemical and biotechnology industries/applications and extensive knowledge of microfluidic products.
  • Excellent communication and expression skills, good interpersonal skills and good listening skills.
  • Excellent organization/planning/time management skills

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