Flow Control

Flow control is a key function of a complex microfluidic lab-on-a-chip. It is essential to manage all the different on-chip testing steps, in the right way and at the right time. On-chip flow control enables the design of a compact and autonomous microfluidic platform, which is essential in the growing market for instant medical applications. Alfa Chemistry provides a variety of solutions for the flow control function of the lab-on-a-chip.

You can achieve the following steps through our micro-flow control service:

  • Accurate volume sampling
  • Mixing of a specific volume
  • Multiple washing steps
  • Incubation and heating
  • Time and space control of the fluid flow

Please tell us your application-specific needs, and we will provide the design according to your requirements.

Flow Control

About Our Flow Control Service

  • Types of flow control

We offer two types of flow control: active flow control and capillary flow control.

  • Microfluidic device

The capillary burst valves we provide can be used to adjust the flow in the capillary drive system. The working principle of these valves relies on a sudden increase in the cross-section of the microfluidic channel, which causes the capillary filling to stop at the transition. When a different fluid flow passes through the connection point, the flow will restart.

  • Electrostatic triggering

Alfa Chemistry can induce the influence of time components on multi-step analysis by electrostatic triggering. When the flow stops at the capillary burst valve, the application of a short voltage will re-trigger the flow. The principle of operation is to apply a voltage between two electrodes located before and after the valve. Applying a voltage draws the meniscus to the second electrode and triggers the valve.

Flow Control

  • Microfluidic hybrids

Alfa Chemistry focuses on the development of polymer substrate technology and is able to integrate functional components, capillary valves and metal electrodes into polymer-based microfluidic chips. We can provide you with the following:

    • All glass equipment
    • Glass equipment with PDMS membrane
    • COC device with elastic COC film
    • Polystyrene/SEBS film

Our products and services are for research use only.

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