Enhanced Oil Recovery Chips

Enhanced Oil Recovery Chips

Microfluidic devices are the new platform for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) testing, with the advantages of requiring fewer samples, being less expensive to use, and being easily integrated with other devices. By simulating pore structures based on real rocks on a chip, it is possible to characterize and predict fluid flow within sedimentary rock structures, and thus predict the effectiveness and potential side effects of enhanced oil recovery. Compared to complex core models, microfluidic chips allow for a great degree of simplification and control of experimental variables, and their excellent optical properties make it easy to visualize fluid flow and make real-time analysis possible.

Alfa Chemistry offers a range of enhanced oil recovery chips. Our chips require fewer samples, are cost effective, and can be easily integrated with other equipment. They allow a great deal of simplification and control of experimental variables, and their excellent optical properties make it easy to visualize fluid flow.


TypeHomogeneous modelHeterogeneous modelSandstone modelConglomerate model
Chip materialGlassGlassGlassGlass
Chip dimensions (L×W×H)68×18×3 mm68×18×3 mm68×18×3 mm68 ×18×3 mm
Surface hydrophilic natureHydrophilic/HydrophobicHydrophilic/HydrophobicHydrophilic/HydrophobicHydrophilic/Hydrophobic
Pressure tolerance range<10 bar<10 bar<10 bar<10 bar
Temperature tolerance range-15-150°C-15-150°C-15-150°C-15-150°C
Channel width60-240 μm70-1570 μm60-440 μm50-440 μm
Channel depth20 μm20 μm20 μm20 μm
Number of inlets1111
Number of outlets1111


The applications of enhanced oil recovery chips are mainly as follows:


  • Investigating the diffusion penetration facilitation of carbon dioxide foams in rock models.
  • Conducting research related to polymer flooding for enhanced oil recovery. Polymer flooding refers to an enhanced oil recovery method that uses polymer solutions to increase oil recovery by decreasing the water−oil mobility ratio by increasing the viscosity of the displacing water.
  • Studying the oil drive efficiency comparing non-emulsified and weakly emulsified surfactants.
  • Performing research related to gas flooding for enhanced oil recovery. Gas flooding is one of the most accepted robust, and widely used technologies for enhanced oil recovery. It is the injection of hydrocarbon or nonhydrocarbon components into oil reservoirs that have typically been waterflooded to residual oil.

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