PDMS Membranes

PDMS membranes are polymeric films prepared from polydimethylsiloxane. Due to the characteristics of polydimethylsiloxane materials, PDMS membranes are endowed with certain specific properties, such as elasticity, excellent gas permeability, full transparency, biocompatibility, and so on. Therefore, they are quite valuable in microfluidic systems. Due to the permeability of PDMS, the films can be used to exchange gases or small molecules between two liquids or gases and liquids without direct contact. In addition, due to the elasticity of PDMS, the membranes can be used to fabricate valves in microfluidic chips.

Alfa Chemistry offers a range of PDMS membranes that are well suited for building microfluidic systems and cell culture systems. Moreover, our PDMS membranes can be used in combination with other materials (e.g., nanomaterials, metallic materials, etc.) to form more complex assemblies that can be used to realize more sophisticated cell culture and microfluidic operations.


Item/CatalogMF-MCA052 MF-MCA053 MF-MCA054MF-MCA055 MF-MCA056
Thickness25 μm±2 μm50 μm±2 μm100 μm±2 μm150 μm±2 μm200 μm±2 μm
Hardness Shore A6565656565
Tensile strength5.5 MPa5.5 MPa5.5 MPa5.5 MPa5.5 MPa
Tear strength20 KN/m20 KN/m20 KN/m20 KN/m20 KN/m
Elongation at break300%300%300%300%300%
Elasticity modulus2.
Refractive index1.411.411.411.411.41
Working temperature range-40~200°C-40~200°C-40~200°C-40~200°C-40~200°C
Dielectric strength12 KV/mm12 KV/mm12 KV/mm12 KV/mm12 KV/mm
Dielectric constant2.
Micropore diameter8-10 μm----


The PDMS membranes provided by Alfa Chemistry have the following key advantages:

PDMS Membranes

  • Excellent biocompatibility and transparency
  • The elasticity is durable and resistant to compression deformation
  • Flame retardant and free of hazardous substances
  • Can be used in a wide range of temperatures
  • The surface has excellent wettability, easy to bond and process

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