Quartz Capillary Tubing

Quartz Capillary Tubing

The unique properties of quartz capillary tubing have made it the material of choice for many analytical techniques. Its applications include gas and liquid chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, genomics analysis, proteomic analysis, microfluidics, and high-precision flow units for blood cell counting.

Alfa Chemistry offers quartz capillary tubing in a variety of sizes. It is prepared from fused silica with a polyimide coating and fulfill the needs of multiple microfluidic applications.


CatalogProductInner Diameter (ID)Outer Diameter (OD)
MF-MCA102Quartz Capillary Tubing5 μm365 μm
MF-MCA103Quartz Capillary Tubing10 μm365 μm
MF-MCA104Quartz Capillary Tubing15 μm365 μm
MF-MCA105Quartz Capillary Tubing20 μm365 μm
MF-MCA106Quartz Capillary Tubing25 μm365 μm
MF-MCA107Quartz Capillary Tubing40 μm365 μm
MF-MCA108Quartz Capillary Tubing50 μm365 μm
MF-MCA109Quartz Capillary Tubing75 μm365 μm
MF-MCA110Quartz Capillary Tubing100 μm365 μm
MF-MCA111Quartz Capillary Tubing100 μm200 μm
MF-MCA112Quartz Capillary Tubing130 μm500 μm
MF-MCA113Quartz Capillary Tubing150 μm365 μm
MF-MCA114Quartz Capillary Tubing200 μm320 μm
MF-MCA115Quartz Capillary Tubing250 μm370 μm
MF-MCA116Quartz Capillary Tubing320 μm450 μm
MF-MCA117Quartz Capillary Tubing450 μm690 μm
MF-MCA118Quartz Capillary Tubing530 μm690 μm


The quartz capillary tubing provided by Alfa Chemistry has the following key advantages:


  • It is available in numerous sizes with accurate specifications. Moreover, its small inner diameter provides the possibility of single molecule analysis.
  • Its surface is protected by a polyimide coating, which provides excellent abrasion resistance and is easy to use and handle.
  • It has smooth inner surfaces that facilitate the stable flow of gases and liquids.
  • It has good heat resistance and can resist temperatures in excess of 350°C.
  • It has good tensile strength, allowing for excellent bending radius of the product.

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