Suitable instruments make it easier to use microfluidic systems in daily laboratory life. Alfa Chemistry offers a variety of instruments for microfluidics that provide better control, automation, precision and ease of use for your experiments. Our instruments are compatible with lab-on-a-chip equipment and a variety of microfluidic technologies, allowing users to focus on the science, not the setup. Browse our products below and click the "READ MORE" button below for further information.

Mask Aligner

Alfa Chemistry offers mask aligners that are precision-engineered to accurately align the coated substrate with the photomask containing the structure to be patterned…


Spin Coater

Spin coaters are used for photolithography of microfluidic molds to coat photoresist layers on substrates…


Microfluidic Syringe Pump

Alfa Chemistry offers microfluidic syringe pumps that easily and accurately manipulate fluid flow within microfluidic devices to achieve desired results…


Microfluidic Bubble Trap

Bubbles can be very difficult to remove in microfluidic experiments. To solve this problem, Alfa Chemistry offers the microfluidic bubble remover…


We also feature instruments by our partner companies. If you don't find the instrument you need, please contact us!

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