Channel Chips

The channel chip is a microfluidic chip developed by professional microfluidic experts at Alfa Chemistry according to different needs. The structure is simple, and there are different numbers of microchannels on the chip. These chips can be connected to accessories, such as catheter connectors, and customers only need to insert them during use. Syringes or pipettes can be used to inject fluids and realize the use of chips. The application areas of channel chips are extremely wide, such as biomedicine, cell biology research, protein crystallization, drug screening, glucose testing, chemical microreactors, electrochemistry, microprocessor cooling, and micro fuel cells.

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with three different types of channel chips, including 4-channel chips, 8-channel chips, as well as 16-channel chips. You can contact us directly to make a purchase. We can also modify these channel microfluidic chips according to your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Types of Channel Microfluidic Chips

  • 4-Channel Chips

The structure of the 4-channel microfluidic chip is simple, with four microchannels on it. The chip is equipped with accessories, such as catheter joints. Only a syringe or pipette can be used to inject fluid to realize the use of the chip. In order to standardize the regular use of the chip, the specified size of the slide or microplate is used during the chip processing, that is, the standard chip size is 25×76 mm, and the distance between the microchannels is 4.5 mm or 9 mm.

  • 8-Channel Chips

8-Channel Chip is equipped with accessories, such as a catheter adapter, while the users only need to use a syringe or pipette to use. The size of our standard chips is 25×76 mm, and the distance between the microchannels is 4.5 mm or 9 mm. Our excellent microfluidic experts can provide you with 2 kinds of 8-channel chips, as shown in the picture.

  • 16-Channel Chips

The 16-channel microfluidic chip has a simple structure with 16 microchannels on the chip. The chip is equipped with accessories such as catheter joints and is easy to operate. The user only needs a syringe or pipette to inject fluid for use. The 16-channel microfluidic chip adopts the standard chip size, that is, the size is 25×76mm, and the distance between the microchannels is 4.5 mm or 9 mm.

Channel Chips

Specifications of Our Microfluidic Chips

Manufacturing standard deviation

1) Channel height: △h = ± 5% of channel height

2) Height characteristic accuracy: ± 5% of channel height

3) The verticality of the side wall of the channel: ± 3°

Advantages of Our Microfluidic Chips

  • Good light transmission
  • Smooth channel surface
  • Reliable sealing
  • High connection density
  • Good chemical compatibility
  • Easy to connect or disconnect
  • Small size, lightweight, strong portability
  • Good microscope access
  • Ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures and pressures

Channel Chips

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