Onco-Immuno Chips

Cancer is recognized as an immunogenic disease, which can stimulate complex immune responses by activating immune inflammation and immunosuppressive signaling pathways. The tumor microenvironment plays a vital role in affecting the interaction between tumor and immunity and the response to immunotherapy. Currently, overcoming treatment resistance and variable responses between patients remains a major challenge. The interaction between the immune system and cancer cells is dynamic and continues to evolve in each patient. The efficacy of immunotherapy depends on this crosstalk with tumor immunity in the tumor microenvironment.

onco-immuno Chips

In view of the increasing importance of the tumor microenvironment in regulating immune cell function, more complex tumor models are needed to combine the characteristics of tumor microenvironment to clarify the response to immunotherapy and the mechanism of drug resistance. Alfa Chemistry's team of scientists can help you design and construct onco-immuno chips that simulate the dynamic interaction between the immune system and cancer cells to promote the development of precise immuno-oncology and effective combination therapies. Our onco-immuno chip models are in an advantageous position in these studies because they are entirely derived from human cells, and patient-based antibody therapy is delivered to the tumor through tumor-associated blood vessels.

Our Microfluidic Platforms

After many years of microfluidic application research experiences, Alfa Chemistry  has developed a variety of Onco-immuno Chips for cancer research independently or jointly with partners. For example, we have developed a Y-shaped channel microfluidic platform.

The platform allows cancer cells, myofibroblasts, and macrophages to be cultured in three separate chambers, which are connected by a Y-shaped channel equipped with a microvalve, which can be released from fibroblasts and/or cells after opening cell-conditioned medium (CM) or macrophages enter cancer cells. Using this platform, it was observed that CM from myofibroblasts and macrophages increased the migration of cancer cells, and the secretion of TNFα from macrophages counteracted the migration promotion effect of myofibroblasts.

onco-immuno ChipsFig.1 Examples of Onco-Immuno Chips. (Hachey S. J, et al. 2018)

What Are Our Advantages?

We cooperate with customers to design, develop and manufacture onco-immuno chips, and put the powerful functions of the entire microfluidic laboratory in your palm. The products we help create are revolutionizing medicine, driving new discoveries and changing the world.

  • The R&D team has a standardized operation laboratory and a high-throughput sequencing technology platform.
  • Experienced technicians can provide experimental solutions according to the requirements of partners, solve experimental problems and analyze experimental results.
  • The experiment period is short and the quality is reliable.


  • Hachey S. J, et al. (2018). “Applications of Tumor Chip Technology.” Lab Chip. 18: 2893-2912.

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