Cell Culture Chips

Cell culture is an indispensable tool in biological science and clinical analysis. In the field of cell culture applications, the microfluidic chip platform has many unique advantages and has made considerable progress. Compared with traditional cell culture methods, cell culture in microchips can better control and reflect the regulation of cells by the extracellular matrix and the mutual regulation of cells, thus realizing a culture method closer to the human body. The cell culture microchip platform has become a research hotspot in the field of cell biology and microfluidic chips.

Schematic diagram of 3D hepatocyte culture chip. Figure 1. Schematic diagram of 3D hepatocyte culture chip. (a) 3D view; (b) bottom view of chip layout; (c) cross-sectional view; (d) top and bottom views. (Fang Y, et al. 2017)

The Alfa Chemistry team of scientists has designed cell culture chips with different requirements to meet the different needs of customers. We can also design different chips according to your needs. Please contact us to learn more.

About Alfa Chemistry's Cell Culture Chips

Our microfluidic cell culture chip has a standard specification with a tube width of 100 μm and a tube depth of 100 μm. The chip has accessories. The chip can realize the three-dimensional culture of cells through the microstructure array integrated into the cell culture cavity or the cell gel structure formed by the microfluidic laminar flow characteristics, establish a basic platform for cell research, and integrate microfluidics in the cell. The chip finely controls the concentration gradient of the formed chemical substances and extracellular matrix and establishes a concentration-dependent analysis method to achieve high-throughput detection of cell responses. The sheer force generated by the microfluid can be applied to the cells to simulate the environment in the body.

Cell Culture Chips

The microfluidic device has excellent integration performance. Devices such as microvalves can be integrated into the cell culture chip to realize automatic sampling of culture media and stimulation solutions, and an automated platform for cell analysis can be established.

Product Advantages

Our product advantages include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Compared with conventional culture, the cell culture microfluidic chip can greatly increase the activity of cells, laying a good foundation for tissue research.
  • The cell culture chip can precisely control the substance concentration, solution temperature, and pH value.
  • The cell culture chips can provide a living environment similar to human cells.
  • The cell culture chip can provide a three-dimensional growth environment to simulate the state of cells in the body.


  • Fang Y, et al. (2017). “A Perfusion Incubator Liver Chip for 3D Cell Culture with Application on Chronic Hepatotoxicity Testing.” Scientific Reports. 7: 14528.

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