Silicon Microchannel Chips

A microfluidic chip is a pattern of molded or engraved microchannels. Depending on the desired application, the microchannel network design must be adjusted to deliver satisfactory results. Therefore, the material of the microfluidic chip used should also be sufficient and have appropriate performance.

Silicon is the material originally used for microfluidic applications. Silicon was first chosen because of its resistance to organic solvents, easy metal deposition, high thermal conductivity and stable electroosmotic mobility. Besides, the silicon surface chemistry is based on silanol groups (-Si-OH), so chemical modification of the silicon surface can reduce non-specific adsorption or improve cell growth. Its elastic modulus is very high (130-180 GPa), using wet/dry etching or additive methods such as metal or chemical vapor deposition to manufacture silicon devices.

Silicon Microchannel Chips

Alfa Chemistry can provide Y-type silicon microchannel chips with different channel depths and widths according to customer needs for chemical separation and biochemical detection and other fields. Please contact us for more information.

About Alfa Chemistry's Silicon Microchannel Chips

Our silicon microchannel chips are semiconductor chips, which are compatible with traditional IC processes and are conducive to the integration of multi-function chips, especially silicon-based chips that can be well introduced into electrical control units. Currently, the research team of Alfa Chemistry obtains a specific chip cross-sectional structure through wet etching (acid/alkali). The chip structure obtained by acid etching is U-shaped, and the chip structure obtained by alkali etching is V-shaped.

Silicon Microchannel Chips

The advantages of our silicon microchannel chips include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Good channel surface structure
  • Easy to integrate
  • Semiconductor silicon-based materials

Processing Specifications

Our excellent microfluidic experts provide different chip customization services to meet your needs for silicon microchannel chips. 

  • Use glass slide or microplate size
  • The channel surface roughness is about Ra=2 µm
  • The aspect ratio of the silicon wafer in acid/alkali etching is close to 2:1


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