Y-Type Chips

The Y-type chip is a microfluidic chip developed by Alfa Chemistry's microfluidic experts according to the different needs of customers, which can be used for different applications and experiments. It is a chip with three input ports, which are connected to one output port through a channel. Our Y-type chip has a microfluidic channel with a transparent ceiling and a translucent floor, which allows you to visually monitor the microflow from both sides.

Alfa Chemistry can provide you with five different types of Y chips, including Y-shaped laminar flow glass chips, new Y-shaped chips, double-sided Y chips, Y-type hybrid chips, and Y-channel chips. You can contact us directly for quotation information. We also process and modify these Y-type microfluidic chips according to your needs. For example, We can provide chips with different channel depths and widths. Please contact us for more.

Types of Y-type Microfluidic Chips

  • Y-Shaped Laminar Glass Chips

This is a glass microfluidic chip used for two-phase liquid contact and molecular diffusion between parallel laminar flows. It can be used to observe the fluid flow in the chip channel with micron size.

  • New Y-Shaped chips

This is a glass microfluidic chip consisting of two inlets and one outlet. One of the simplest passive mixing methods can be achieved using Y-shaped microchannels.

  • Double-Sided Y Chips

The double-sided Y chip is one of the chips that can achieve precise molecular diffusion and is made of high-quality fused silica glass. The fluid flow in the micron-sized chip channel can be observed.

  • Y-Type Hybrid Chips

The Y-type hybrid chip is one of the chips that can achieve precise molecular diffusion and can be used for the mixing of microfluidics. The microchannel in the chip is long, and microbeads are arranged therein so that the microfluidics generate turbulence and achieve uniform mixing of the microfluidics.

  • Y-Channel Chips

The Y-channel microfluidic chip has a simple structure, and the microchannel is Y-shaped. The chip is equipped with accessories such as catheter adapters, and users only need a syringe or pipette to inject fluid to use the chip.

Y-Type Chips

Specifications of Our Microfluidic Chips

Materials and production

  • Made of high-quality fused silica glass
  • The layers are melted together

Microfluidic characteristics

  • Channel ceiling: flat and transparent (optical quality)
  • Channel bottom surface: flat and translucent
  • Channel width: 30 µm, 100 µm, 300 µm can be selected
  • Channel depth: 100 µm, 300 µm can be selected
  • Fluid connector: None, Luer connector, Upchurch

The microfluidic channels in our microfluidic chips have almost vertical walls and flat bottoms.

Advantages of Our Microfluidic Chips

Alfa Chemistry's professional microfluidic experts can meet any needs for Y-type chips. The advantages of our microfluidic chip include but are not limited to the following:

  • Ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures and pressures
  • Good chemical compatibility
  • Good light transmission
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and reliable
  • Small size, lightweight, strong portability
  • Y-type hybrid microfluidic chip contains microbeads, which can achieve uniform mixing of microfluidics

Y-Type Chips

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